A panorex is a very impressive piece of imaging machinery in that it is capable of identifying many issues and structures that a normal x-ray is not.This machine is simple and efficient. We can detect abscesses and cysts that you couldn't see with a normal X-Ray. The panorex is also perfect for gaggers! For patients who have a gag reflex , the panorex will leave you at ease as it takes the picture from outside of your mouth.

The ability to view the full structure of your head as a whole is very informative to the dentist. It will allow us to see any potential problems and make sure that everything is functioning as it should be. The panorex is capable of viewing specific types of structural problems, infections or asymmetry among many others.

Benefits of a Panorex

  • Perfect for patients with a gag reflex
  • Can detect abnormal abscesses and cysts
  • Shows wisdom teeth clearly
  • X-Ray shows teeth , head , sinus, and bones
  • shows bone loss

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